Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Today we walked the Don Miguel Vineyard -- the growth is just as astounding as in the Doña Margarita! The crew is working non-stop to keep the canopy in check. We also saw some powdery mildew (oidium) but it is practically gone and not a concern anymore.

Fortunately, this is the only cluster we could find in the vineyard with powdery mildew!

Leafing and hedging has been a non-stop job in the vineyard

good balanced vine
Many vines, however, are showing good balanced clusters and excellent set

The young tempranillo vines look healthy and great!

A good example of 'coulure' or shatter: sparse berries in a cluster, due to poor weather at the time of pollinization and set.


Many vines show normal-size and tiny berries in the same cluster, another result of weather, commonly referred to as 'peas & pumpkins'.

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