Thursday, October 6, 2011

Harvest is almost over!

We were able to pick all the Chardonnay that was ripe on Tuesday, right before the rains! We started at 2 am and finished at 10 am -- with a break for coffee & donuts at 6:30. We then visit with them and hear their stories of how the night has gone. They're a wonderful team!

The Chardonnay grapes looked wonderful as they were loaded into the press


Our car is the breakfast center at 6:30 am! Just as dawn breaks, Mom and I (see me there?) take coffee, donuts & cookies to our pickers

We've picked all the Pinot Noir and the lower blocks of Chardonnay, which always ripen earlier. The sugars are quite low but flavors and acid are very good, so everyone is very excited that we will be able to make wonderful wines with lowere alcohols than usual. 


After the rain, the Chardonnay from Rued clone looks very good - but they know it's not ripe because I won't eat it! 


This is the See clone of Chardonnay, which also looks great but not quite ripe yet

The Syrah fruit has withstood the rain without any problems and is ripening surely but slowly
We are planning to pick the remainig Chardonnay next week -- when Mom will be in Spain! This is the second year that she has to leave before harvest is over and she is reeeeally upset. Although we know the team will do an excellent job, we won't be able to care for the vineyard crew and we truly love that!

Then after that, it will be the Tempranillo and the Syrah, which always ripen latest. The fruit is in excellent shape and the skin is much harder than that of Pinot and Chardonnay, so they can withstand the rain without any problem.

Well, we'll be backin touch in November. Have a wonderful October -- and Halloween!! 

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