Thursday, January 19, 2012

Pruning as fast as we can!

With the unusual good weather, we've been able to get quite a bit ahead with the pruning.  The vineyard crew has been working non-stop from 8 to 4!  We only have five in the team tough, so it's not going very fast. The shortage of workers seems to continue on since harvest , unfortunately -- but thanks to the rainless days, we are on schedule. Rain is forecast later in the week, though -- but we need it, so no complaints!

Vineyard Guys Prunning  The vineyard crew deep into pruning

Prunning  Almost all of he 'Earthquake Block' is pruned!

Vineyard House  With the Chardonnay vines already pruned, our home overlooking the vineyard looks beautiful in the mist

Dogs  We love jumping over the cuttings with our friend Molly - Tony's dog

Bonita Running  And Bonita can't stop running on the cover crop!
We heard Tony say that we got a glowing report from the CCOF (California Certified Organic Farmers) inspector, on his annual visit to renew our Organic Farming certificate. he does spend a long time checking everything!  The CCOF does actually an excellent job in keeping organic certified farmers in check -- did you know that their organization's organic certificate is the strictest in the entire world??

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