Saturday, May 12, 2012

Bloom is coming close!

Yesterday we went to our Sonoma Coast Vineyard, Doña Margarita -- things are happening quickly there, too!  The vineyard team is working as fast as they can to remove the suckers and keep the vines tidy, so the unwanted shoots do not sap out the vine's energy; we want them to concentrate that on the fruit!  With the hot weather this week, the vines have come a long way; we expect bloom to happen in a couple of weeks or so. This is our favorite time, because the entire vineyard exudes the most wonderful scent of the grape flowers!

Look how long the internodes are! That's because of the growth spurt due to the warm weather. It's been either rain or hot this spring!

That's back-breaking work, but necessary -- removing the suckers, which you can see on the 2 left vines that are not cleaned up yet

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  1. Dear Marimar & Cristina,

    you're performing quite an amazing accomplishment in your family-grown business, holding our hands while serving up top wines; a fine piece of public relations; a compliment from a professional in Denmark.

    Best regards

    Poul Sabroe
    Sabroe Media