Thursday, May 22, 2014

The Vines are in Full Bloom!

The weather has been very nice in our region, and with the few hot days last week the growth spurt has accelerated. The vineyard crew is going through the rows non-stop tucking shoots and lifting wires! And the outlook is very good for this year - although as we hear Zach say a lot, "these are eggs, not chickens yet". We think he means that the eggs are like the potential of flowering vs. the reality of fruit set... Well, we'll see!

This is a very special time in the vineyards. The soft and fragrant smell of the vine flowers permeates the air and it is truly a pleasure to breathe it in while walking among the vines. Pretty soon the flowers will disappear and the caps will fall, giving way to the tiny berries. That's when we will do cluster counts and start to estimate the yields for every parcel.

Bloom is practically completed in the Don Miguel Vineyard and the clusters are very healthy, as
shown in this Pinot Noir vine of the Swan clone

The Tempranillo is a bit behind, but
perfectly head trained

The new planting of Albariño is very exciting, and so much fun to run up and down on it because the vines are so tiny. We just field grafted the budwood from our own vines onto the American rootstock, which will make the vines resistant to the dreaded phylloxera; and very soon after, the new buds are beginning to sprout. Nature is so beautiful!

The Albariño vines planted in 2008 are
looking terrific, but the shoots are growing fast

After field grafting he Albariño budwood in the
new planting, the teensy buds are just coming out! 

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