Monday, September 19, 2011

Getting closer to Havest!

The Pinot Noir grapes are now mature and many are looking great, like these -- and tasty, too!

The Chardonnay is not quite ripe yet, although the fruit is very balanced and flavorful. But still too sour!

Chico has been looking very sad since his leg operation -- and hated to have it all bandaged!
All of a sudden, with the heat wave of this past weekend, we finally can start harvest -- that's so exciting!  We hope this will be one of those rare years when we can pick with full flavors and low sugars. We'll keep you in the loop -- but now we have a lot to do, getting ready for the first day of harvest tomorrow!!!

Unfortunately Chico is not going to be able to run around chasing the tractor nd the pickers -- he had surgery on his leg a week ago and needs to sit still for four weeks!! Can you imapgine what torture that is for him??

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