Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Still probably a couple of weeks away from harvest... Some Pinot Noir blocks are ahead of others, but all the Chardonnay is still way behind. And this must have been the worst year ever to have an organic vineyard! We don't remember ever the powdery mildew being this bad. But as far as organic veineyards are concerned, we are probably the cleanest one in the region!

The Swan clone is always one of the first to ripen. Now it's fully colored!

The Pommard clone, on the other hand, is among the latest picked

What we decided to do is to make a pass the day before harvest and pull all the leaves around the grapes, so as to expose the fruit and be able to remove any mildewed clusters and berries. Right now we don't want to do that, since the fruit would be exposed to the sun rays and likely to get sunburned. It's always a fine line between avoiding mildew as well as sunburn - it is often very difficult, if not impossible!

The mildew spores are dead and will not affect the
rest of the clusters - but these must come out

We have build birdhouses to encourage them to ecologically balance the vineyard - this one had eggs just a few days ago!

We love to fight for fun...

... but we also can look like we really get along!

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